Alignment and Abundance

We hear these words a lot, with each passing year within the spiritual community and those steeped in quantum physics, talk more about energy, the law of attraction and manifesting.

We hear about alignment and abundance but what does it really mean?

Alignment is things in line.

Arranging pieces to be in the shortest path, a straight line… Alignment in terms of choices and decisions made that are congruent and supportive of the vision and goals you want to achieve and realize. Before we can talk about alignment, we have to get clear about having a vision. Because you can’t make aligned choices that will benefit you long term if you don’t have a consistent vision about the life you want. Having a clear vision of your business goals or your health goals exclusively is how so many of us burn out on any particular area of life. Balance sends those of us who are working on pulling away from people pleasing and overachieving and productivity addicted  into a...

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Moving Forward or Staying Put


Knowing and honoring where you come from and what you have been through is different than keeping every single thing you’ve ever owned. One keeps you grounded the other cements you in place.


People Like Their Stuff

So here’s the thing: people like their stuff, no way of getting around that. However, there is a difference between sentimentality and not letting go. 


The former is a gentle reminder of a place or a smell or a moment that takes us back.  It allows us a momentary glimpse into a story we’ve already lived, a lesson we’ve been taught or a person that we love. And that is SUPER OK. We need those.  It’s important to know where you’ve come from and what you’ve come through, it's also just as important for you to be able to show and tell those stories to other people.  Life can be really fucking hard, and sometimes the thing we need the most is that one weird trinket to remind us -- “hey,...

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Purpose and Perfectionism

The idea of purpose - having a meaningful impact that drives you from within - has been discussed for thousands of years. Why do what we do every day? What will it have all meant at the end of our physical lives?

These are big ideas, heady questions, and ultimately, there is not a “right” answer.

But, the need for a sense of purpose (for every human) remains to be crucial to our joy and happiness. This has been evident in research from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The purpose is the profound "Why?" 

Having it creates a sense of mission to do something worthy. It's your significant "yet-to-do" in life. Purpose integrates who you are with what you do. It inspires us to renew our commitments and stretch further to manifest them, which is why having a sense of purpose in your work is so powerful! 

There are books, courses, and speeches calling us to fulfill our purpose. I am part of that community that is calling you to stand tall and...

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How to Get Everything You Want

Most of us wake up thinking about all the things we have to do the workday ahead, the kids’ schedule, phone calls, content that needs to be planned, the schedule for the day, and the things that didn’t get done yesterday. If you are like me, it takes a bit of time to rewind your morning thoughts to “What do I want?”, and “What do I need?”. 

That’s what I eventually get to.  Then, I do my morning breathwork, repeat my current affirmations and absolute truths, and then I get out of bed.

As soon as I leave my bedroom though,  I’m presented with choices about what I allow into my mind, into my energy, and what influences how I experience myself and the world.

I haven’t had my phone notifications on in so many years, so I don’t even remember where to find them in my phone. This is because I had observed that my day to day interaction with the world was reactionary. I was seeing what others said on social media,...

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How to Make Changes in Your Life

For a lot of us, 2020 brought big questions about our relationships, our daily lives, and our humanity - what’s working, not working, and the glaring truth of whether our lives have been fulfilling us, or driving us into the ground.


One of the biggest problems I’ve seen so many facing is what to do with this new truth. All this new information about what is wrong around us - the xenophobia, the misogyny, the racism, the classism, ableism, homophobia, religious prejudice, and so many more complex issues our societies are facing finally. 


Not only are these realities glaring us in the face, we are struggling with what to do with all of this information and new awareness so as to contribute to the solution, and not be part of the problem. Those are big ideas and in 2021, we are going to dig into them all as we continue our efforts to boldly become our truest selves, which does not include intolerance of any other human based on their race, ethnicity,...

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Adventures Are Supposed to be Scary

Hey, so uhhh, talking about your VISION, BIG IDEA, and BOLD NEW LIFE...scary as fuck right?? 

You might be having swirling thoughts of:

Who am I?

What am I doing?

What will my family and friends think?

But I’m on the PTA!!

How could I possibly???

I’m too old(or young)!!!

But I just paid off all of this shit!


When you give yourself time to catch a tiny glimpse of what life could really be like do you break out in a cold sweat? Start doing that laugh-cry thing where your loved ones aren't exactly sure how to support you? Maybe everything goes black for a second and you hear a high-pitched ringing sound and then spend the next two days on the couch eating chips and watching tv(or so I’m told)? Did you pee a little?


Look, all of this is super normal(and a good sign that you’re on the right track). It is scary to decide that things need to change. It is scary to admit to yourself that you are growing and that you want a life for yourself that...

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