Podcast Ep. 37: Compassionate Accountability Is How To Do Anything

Accountability can feel like a sting or a scary deadline for many of us. It started when we were kids when we didn't do our chores or our grades were less than ideal. This version of accountability doesn't encourage us to show up and BE, DO and Have - it tells us to hide, feel guilty and question our worth.

This doesn't allow growth which means your journey to become the boldest version of you will be limiting and stunted. 

What if accountability was encouraging, exciting and joyful? I give you the necessary pieces to create compassionate accountability that actually WORKS for reaching your goals and boldly becoming you.

I reference Episode 33 4 Red Flag Words To Avoid To Be Your Truest Self so if you haven't listened to that yet - slide back a few episodes.

Download the free Boldly Becoming You Jumpstart Checklist to fast track your journey to your truest self.

If this episode lights you up in some way or inspires you to question something, I’d...

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