Acknowledging Your Co-Creators


Acknowledging your co-creators throughout your life opens the doors for more collaborative efforts, less loneliness and exponential impact and abundance. Your Independence is blocking your abundance.

Forgetting and Denying Co-Creators 

Consider the people you have seen in the last 24 hours in person and virtually.  How many actual human beings do you estimate you have crossed paths with? How many different people have you scrolled through on social media platforms? How many daily life experiences have you engaged in that required someone you have never met to 

initiate? There are literally hundreds, in some circumstances, thousands of people who contributed in large and small ways to produce each of our individual experiences every day. Everything we experience has a person behind it, someone showed up to work, play, invent, converse, exchange ideas. 

Over the course of our lives, we have benefited from trillions of these micro-moments. It’s a pretty heady idea, but we can easily start to see the chain reactions. The pandemic has offered an interesting opportunity to acknowledge the domino effect of each of our choices and those of others. Now, from the moment you were born, you have been collecting these experiences. Your specific combination of a trillion+ micro-moments created the exact person YOU are in this moment. You are truly unique because of the specific line up of your specific life experiences. There is no one like you now, there will never be anyone exactly like you and because of this, YOU make very specific contributions to our world. 

The paradox of being an incredibly unique human being

You couldn’t be who you are today without millions of micro-moments with millions of other people. Thanks to the internet and social media, we are connected with and inspired by people we will never meet. Many of the ideas, thoughts, beliefs you hold were inspired by such micro-moments. Your brilliant ideas all began with a muse, more likely, multiple muses that put the idea pieces in your brain and YOUR amazing mind was able to combine them in just the right way, to create an idea, a plan, a movement.

As  you shared these ideas, you took action, YOU inspired other people to take action, to shift  their perspective and to create change. So, mathematically, logically, it only makes sense  that you should receive credit, gratitude and acknowledgment, for contributing to the  forward movement of an idea or a change. These contributions happens in BIG and small ways, all day, every day, in every relationship. Your decisions at work, in your family, in your circle of friends, in your overall network of people, are constantly tweaking other people’s experiences, for better or for worse. It’s what makes a society social.

Why are people not screaming from the rooftops

So if we are so amazing and creating so much deliciousness in people’s lives, why  don’t any of us have overflowing inboxes of people thanking us for our contributions to  their amazing life? Why are people not screaming from the rooftops “thank you for showing up in my life!”? Don’t deduce that your existence up to this point has been unappreciated. most people don’t even realize the core connection we all have to each other. Most of us are oblivious to the person halfway around the world who does something that leads to something happening that leads to something else happening and this chain reaction continuing into our daily lives.

Someone else’s decision to share their story, resulting in a YouTube video that inspires an idea for you to change your life, or try a new food. Or a charity that speaks to your heart. Or a book someone will write because of the journal you gifted that opened their eyes to their purpose. Everything we do sets off a ripple effect. EVERYTHING. And everything we are experiencing is a result of millions of other people’s choices and actions as well. We are so much more connected than we realize. 

Others contributed to your place in life

It is not a weakness to see that others contributed to your place in life, it is simply a fact of being a human among humans. It’s kind of our thing as humans. So stop hoarding your goodness, let go of the death grip you have on your accomplishments for today. You are not even close to being done with your impact, your brilliance, your incredibly important and valuable purpose. You will have plenty to be proud of and many many people will be grateful for you. Be the one to start the flooding of inboxes.  Maybe add that to the list of things you will be remembered for—you helped other people realize the magnitude of their contributions, large and small. 


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