What's Causing You to Be Overwhelmed


How often do you feel overwhelmed with tasks? Anxiety? Other people’s demands? Your dreams and goals? There must be TOO much of something.

Usually it’s decisions

On top of decision we already have, we also have the pressure to make the RIGHT decisions. If we remove the pressure to make good decision and instead make aligned decisions by way of being crystal clear on who you want to become to live your truest life, we reduce the overwhelm by a lot. So let’s talk about when we feel overwhelmed.

Usually you have too much of saying yes to rules, obligations and expectations from other people; habit of saying yes, people are used to you doing all the things and saying yes so saying no or delegating feels impossible. This is a large commitment to independence instead of interdependence - this prevents assistance, support, collaboration, partnership, co-creation for solutions and division of labor which is one the best ways to deepen a relationship.

Anxiety - worrying about the future

You’re trying to control your future experiences to feel safe, to manufacture security. Your dreams and goals give off the pressure of picking the right thing, avoiding the wrong things and achievement vs being present in the process and the journey. This is where living in the moment, agreeing to the practices that keep you evolving rather than performing and actually doing. Being overwhelmed is one of the quick and easy ways to see burn out on the horizon.  These patterns of feeling overwhelmed, focusing on the perfect execution of plans or your vision often lead to procrastination.

Having a wonky relationship with time

You’re constantly feeling behind, like time is racing by and you can’t ever catch up. Commitment to independence vs interdependence means you’re not resting or playing enough which creates space and opportunity to be available for creative inspiration. What we usually do is push harder, dig in deeper, sleep and rest fewer hours, hustle, right? Push, force, demand more of ourselves.

Can you imagine doing this with a toddler who is learning to walk and talk and not run into things? Demanding more, forcing more progress and more performance? When we have compassion with others, large and small, we create an opportunity to connect. And this is true for our inner wisdom as well.

Our inner child, our inner guidance

We build trust by listening to, getting curious with and loving on the part of us who feels overwhelmed. Knowing that overwhelm is a cue to take a beat - to breathe a little slower, offer rest, to be compassionate. Ultimately release the pressures of perfectionism and trust that you are not racing the clock. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, the answers are all within you and that you are not responsible for anyone else’s feelings or perception of your doing and being.


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