Alignment and Abundance

We hear these words a lot, with each passing year within the spiritual community and those steeped in quantum physics, talk more about energy, the law of attraction and manifesting.

We hear about alignment and abundance but what does it really mean?

Alignment is things in line.

Arranging pieces to be in the shortest path, a straight line… Alignment in terms of choices and decisions made that are congruent and supportive of the vision and goals you want to achieve and realize. Before we can talk about alignment, we have to get clear about having a vision. Because you can’t make aligned choices that will benefit you long term if you don’t have a consistent vision about the life you want. Having a clear vision of your business goals or your health goals exclusively is how so many of us burn out on any particular area of life. Balance sends those of us who are working on pulling away from people pleasing and overachieving and productivity addicted  into a...

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Purpose and Perfectionism

The idea of purpose - having a meaningful impact that drives you from within - has been discussed for thousands of years. Why do what we do every day? What will it have all meant at the end of our physical lives?

These are big ideas, heady questions, and ultimately, there is not a “right” answer.

But, the need for a sense of purpose (for every human) remains to be crucial to our joy and happiness. This has been evident in research from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The purpose is the profound "Why?" 

Having it creates a sense of mission to do something worthy. It's your significant "yet-to-do" in life. Purpose integrates who you are with what you do. It inspires us to renew our commitments and stretch further to manifest them, which is why having a sense of purpose in your work is so powerful! 

There are books, courses, and speeches calling us to fulfill our purpose. I am part of that community that is calling you to stand tall and...

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