Life Practice vs Life Goals

A lot of us grew up with the mindset that you have to set a goal. You go achieve it, move on to the next thing. The problem with that is if you are over-focused and you have tunnel vision for achieving a specific goal, there becomes a never ending cycle of trying to produce that. 

It doesn't allow you to actually experience the moment that you're in. 

And it requires when you're constantly going after goal, what could I be doing next? What could I be doing right now to get me closer to that goal, rather than looking at the practice of living the life of the person who will have achieved that goal. The intention is to switch from being goal oriented, which is where I lived most of my life to becoming someone who is practicing their life, practicing what it actually looks like to be this person that you want to become. Think about who you want to become. 

Who do you want to be remembered as? 

What kind of mom do you want to be? What kind of partner do you want to be when everything is said and done? When you're no longer here? What do you want people to have said about you that you gave until you had nothing left or that you showed up every moment and were present in the moment? Think about that because it's a huge, huge difference in quality of life and how you're showing up in your relationships and your different life elements. So we set a goal. We go after it, right? We set a goal. We go after it, we usually fail at some point because you would never set a goal that is easy. Otherwise it would just be a thing that you do. So if you fail at some point, which means you trip or you don't hit it, you are learning things. You're frustrated, you're challenged, you succeed, you trip, you fall, you doubt, you celebrate, you self-deprecate, you reach the goal or you don't reach the goal. But the process is so focused on what's in front of you rather than what's happening. Oftentimes we miss the opportunities to learn the lessons that prepare us for actually achieving the goal, which is a problem when you want to reach the goal, because when you reach the goal, don't reach the lesson. 

What do you want your life to look like?

What kind of comforts do you want? Most of us in this group are talking about money and how the relationship with money is challenging. People who are wealthy, who are also happy and feeling fulfilled, don’t feel challenged with money. They don't feel like money has the power over their lives. They don't feel like they're fearful every time they go to pay bills or they get another bill in the mail. So if you feel like money is the root of all evil for you personally, or even just in the biblical biblical sense, it is a challenge for you to have a good relationship with money. You're not going to have and keep money in a way that is allowing abundance to fill your life., because you're constantly trying to reach for it rather than living the life of the person who actually already has it. And it can be a challenge to switch gears mentally in that way. If you can get clear about what it's going to feel like for you, you can start living the life of freedom, your personal freedom, where you are fully expressed creatively, where you were living in a healthy homeostasis in your body, where your relationships are rising up to meet you, they're inspiring and encouraging, but also challenging and requiring you to pull apart the parts that aren't servicing you or the relationship.

Practice the traits daily. 

If you are practicing the actions and the habits of the person who is already living that life, then you are going to become the person who has that experience. Just switching gears from feeling like you're going to fail and worrying that you're going to fail in parenting, in your business, in pursuing some kind of creative outlet in money, worrying that you're going to fail versus knowing that you are going to practice the characteristics, the activities, that habits, and you're going to put in the time and the energy and the effort to become the person that will have that kind of life that you crave.

You're going to have that joy and that fulfillment faster. So we're no longer focusing on the end result. We're going to get clear about what the end result would look like for us right now. You were meant to be fully expressed in your relationships, your money, your health, your creativity, your spirituality. So the goal is to wire your brain to always find the open window to come back to this practice.


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