Rules Breakers Society - Enrollment is currently OPENING again SOON.


The Rule Breaker's Society is our group coaching membership community. Through monthly connection calls, weekly bite-sized actions and compassionate accountability our members create sustainable shifts over time that have a positive impact in all areas of their life.

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1:1 Virtual Coaching

Whether you want to dig into specific challenges and create customized solutions or you crave the privacy of hashing out all of your options more directly (sometimes this allows you feel more comfortable to be open), when there are openings this may be the right fit for you. Session packages start at $1297. Monthly payment options are available.

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Boldly Becoming You

Our free online community where you can connect with others who refuse to live life according to someone else's rules. Receive guidance, support and encouragement to create your own rule book and set yourself free.

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our community 

We are committed to helping half a million people boldly and unapologetically set themselves free from expectations, obligations and arbitrary rules so they can create a life story that is as original as they were born to be.

When you are immersed in a culture that celebrates and encourages your individual and unique purpose, your impact is amplified and your days are energizing rather than exhausting and depleting.

Choosing to stand in your own spotlight has a lasting effect on every aspect of life including relationships, health, creativity, spirituality and your finances. The ripple effects of boldly becoming your original self are endless and we are excited to celebrate each layer you shed that was holding you back.