It’s time to ditch the piles of magazines, the guilt, and the disappointment.

It’s time to start getting what you really want from life.

It’s time for Vision Boards that ACTUALLY work!

The Vision Board Workshop

Walk away with the clarity of knowing what you actually want, a practice to help you actually achieve it, and a completed, ready-to-use Vision Board that will launch you into inspired action


The Vision Board Workshop: Just $157!

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The Real Reason Vision Boards

Stress You Out

Armed with a glass of wine, a pair of scissors, double-sided tape, a glue stick and numerous other craft supplies, you sit down to the task like a kid trying to finish a project the night before it was due.  

And then it starts...the search for the “perfect life” begins...

➡️ The perfect house with the perfect yard, the perfect pool, the perfect furniture, the perfect bathroom with the perfect tub.

➡️ The perfect body with the perfect...everything

➡️ Pictures of rich people doing rich people things

➡️ The perfect vacation spot 

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone! I spent YEARS doing this…

I would clip and sort and make piles so that I could later analyze and then ultimately settle on something just so I could get the damn thing done. All the while trying to do it as fast as possible so that I didn’t take up too much space, and so that I didn’t have to hear commentary from the peanut gallery as they inspected my work. 

😖 “Why’d you pick that?” 

🤨 “That’s...interesting

🤣 “Do you really think we’ll be able to afford that”

🤭 “So are these like...wishes?”

Once it was all over, the final product would go up in the most unassuming corner of the house I could find.  And then, after a few months it would just become part of the scenery collecting dust until I started all over again next year.

Or, what’s almost worse, I would do all of the work to start the Vision Board and then just couldn’t get myself to finish it.  The echoes of ridicule and doubt from my family, friends, and myself would keep me paralyzed. I’d stare at the piles of magazines and pictures unable to make a decision

“Is this the “right” perfect house?”

“Is this realistic?”

“Am I asking for too much?”

And then the project would sit in a pile in the corner almost taunting me, until I finally gave in and took everything to the recycling bin.

This hurts. It’s embarrassing. It can even be soul crushing. Eventually it tricks you into believing that you don’t deserve any more than what you’ve already got. It’s a constant reminder of how hard you need to work and how little you’ve actually accomplished. You feel deflated and self-doubt piles on.

Ever had these thoughts when setting goals or making a Vision Board?:

  • There is no way I’m going to be able to do all of these things!
  • How am I supposed to achieve all of this when I barely afford what I have now?
  • What if my family and friends will make fun of me?
  • I know I should be excited about these things but I’m really not, they just stress me out
  • I’m tired of dreaming about things that never actually happen.

Here’s The Deal:

Your “perfect life” will not be found one night over a glass of wine and 37 magazines full of pictures curated by someone else.


Your dream life comes from Clarity, Alignment, and
Action. Otherwise all you have are craft projects and disappointment.


I really do get it. I was trapped on this hamster wheel too. And it's totally understandable, you keep getting told to “make a vision board”, or “just trust the universe”, or “it’s the law of attraction”. 

But no one tells you how to do it in a way that actually inspires you. 

No one talks about how to decide what to put on a vision board -- we hear from someone that it works, we pick out pictures of things we should want, slap it on a wall and hope for the best.

If you aren’t truly connected to what you see on your vision board

... if you are working for things from a place of desperation or exhaustion

...if your goals only exist because you think that’s what you are “supposed” to want 

...you are going to stay stuck. 

The cycle of overwhelm and hopelessness will continue day after day. The self-imposed guilt and shame of not achieving what you are actually craving will steal time and energy away from the things that truly matter to you. The impact you are meant to have, the meaningful connections, the fun and internal peace you crave

The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard or disappointing. I’ve helped 1000s of women discover what they are truly passionate and excited about. 

And now it’s your turn.



When you join us in this workshop, I guarantee that you will leave this training not only with a complete vision board that genuinely reflects who you are and what you really want, but also a simple practice to keep you motivated and inspired for the coming year…OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

In other words...if by the end of this 2 day workshop you aren’t feeling confident in your vision board or how to put it use all you have to is email me and I will happily refund 100% of your investment - zero questions asked. Plus you will be able to keep the recordings from the workshop..

If It's So Good, Then Why Is It Only $157??

Because I love you. For real.

I have been doing this for a long time and whether it is in a group setting or  1 - on - 1 coaching, one of the things that always comes up is the guilt and shame that my clients carry with them for setting goals that they don’t reach.

Quite frankly I want this for you so bad. 

I know you deserve to feel the giddiness and  joy that comes from waking up everyday knowing you are confidently going all in on everything that energizes you.

I want you to feel the electricity that surges through your body when you are doing things that you were put here to do.  Things that show the world, and yourself, how incredible you truly are.

So, it is for that reason that I want this training to reach as many people as physically possible, so that you can stop questioning yourself and start living the life you were truly meant to live. The world will benefit from you being the fullest, truest YOU.

Vision Boards that actually work are essential to your growth and unlocking your unique purpose so that your time is spent on things that actually matter to you.



Here’s the breakdown:

- 2 day LIVE event where everyone shows up to celebrate and encourage each other in find their truest self (valued at $1500)

- 3 customizable templates to help you take immediate action (valued at $79)

- 1 year of email support to help you stay engaged with your Vision Board and make continuous progress (valued at $99)

- 2 hours of live coaching during the event to help guide you as you are creating your Vision Boards (valued at $499)

That is a total value of $2177 for only $157

I loved the discussion around rules and determining what new rules we need to establish in order to get where we need to be. Not only do you teach the process of how to create vision boards, but you teach the process of determining how to make them actually work!

Samantha Lord

The process of step-by-step and what was life-changing for me was the conversation about energy creative energy physical energy and work and energy because I was pushing myself to work out in a timeframe that my body didn’t want to and I guilt at myself for not working out once I was able to analyze when I wanted to work out and when I worked best for typing reports everything fell into place.

Jan Fuller

It is a great opportunity to network and also really manifest things in your life. It's not just a vision board workshop, it's a MANIFESTATION BOARD WORKSHOP!

Jamila Rouse

So if you are ready to create a Vision Board that actually works pick your best investment option and let's get started.

All you need is internet access and a few uninterrupted hours.

Join Us on April 10th & April 11th for Two half-day Workshops!

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It is so important to me that you walk away from this workshop with as much confidence and support as possible that I am adding in a BONUS training for free!!!

In addition to the Live 2-day event, the customizable templates, one year of support emails, and 2 hours of live coaching you will receive our life-changing mini-course:

Reclaiming and Maintaining Peace Through Boundaries 

This training is valued at $197 and currently only available to the members of our course Power and Peace Through Purpose

In this training you will learn:

  • What boundaries actually are 
  • How to realistically establish and hold boundaries
  • What to do when your boundaries don’t feel like they are working
  • How to effectively communicate what you want and ask for what you need without blowing up your relationships 
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