About Rules & Rebellion

Hi, I’m Tasha Skillin and if you landed here, you must have a rebel streak in you. 
Maybe you are like me and you spent the majority of your life as a rebel in “good girl’s” clothing, trying to fit in, studying what the “cool” kids were doing to try it on only to find out it always made you feel like you were wearing some stranger’s clothes. 
Maybe you are just discovering your internal rebel and you aren’t sure what to do with this HUGE distraction from what you have been doing for so long….and seemingly is working for most everyone around you.
Regardless of what led you here, I’m grateful you are stopping by. 
I’m an unconventional life coach and speaker obsessed with helping my friends, family, clients and students uncover who they really are underneath all the layers of someone else’s rules, expectations and obligations. I LOVE humans - we are so freaking awesome, and complex, and unique and THE SAME. 
I have been a community organizer of some sort since I was a little thing - starting neighborhood clubs like the after school exercise class in my backyard in 5th grade (giant quilts and 90s leotards, yep!) and herding cats as the stage manager and eventually director of my high school plays. Even in my 20s I sought out opportunities to create communities of varying sizes through a 13 year direct sales business.
Bringing people together to connect, grow and inspire one another is my jam. And after a 5+ year chronic health journey where I was told I’d never live a full life again, I rebelled and said - “oh yeah? Watch me.”
When I’m not guiding our community, I’m usually adventuring with my kids and hubby or cozied up by myself introverting with a book about human behavior or a juicy memoir, drawing a mandala or crocheting another comfy blanket.
I now guide our community members through the proven Rules & Rebellion framework to help them create a meaningful impact with their lives by fulfilling their respective purposes and connecting them with others who inspire and support one another. If this sounds like your kinda people, come check us out any time. 

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