Are you ready to be a part of a community that celebrates you for who you really are, not for who you are “supposed” to be?

Are you ready to learn how to make your dreams a reality with a method that works every single time all while being supported by women who are on the same journey that you are?

Everyone has a dream, a big idea, a vision. If you want to make yours come to life you need a method rooted in YOUR values, that fits YOUR needs, built around how YOU work. NOT someone else's strategy or method that wasn't designed for your real life.


Welcome to the Rules & Rebellion Village

A community of inspired, passionate women dedicated to creating a life that is energizing and focused, a life that is free from overwhelm and burnout. A life that is filled with purpose, clarity, ease, and joy. The kind of life you deserve.


Orfelina C.

The [coaching] provided the opportunity and guidance for me to learn about my values and align these to what I desire to move forward with. I can now feel more authentic about how I think, validate, and think of possible steps I would need to develop the plan and act on it. It is a fantastic course to activate our intuition, reflect on the things we want, and practice to become the best version of ourselves and for ourselves.

---- Orfelina C.

Sylvia G

Tasha and Brandon coached and taught as a team. During the course, they supported their students and each other. They used their lives and experience to add depth and flavor to the course. At the end of each week, I gained personal insight and actionable steps to follow. Tasha and Brandon are both passionate about teaching and coaching. They give 110% with every module they teach. You know they care and want to help you grow and change. They are both the real deal. I enjoyed the course and both of their warm personalities. I highly recommend this course. Anyone taking it will gain value.” 

--- Sylvia G.

 Pivot instead of "Fix It"

The truth: 

The journey from where you are right now, to that magical happy place you dream about, no matter what it’s filled with, is full of detours, potholes, dead ends and “wrong” turns.

The twist:

How you approach those detours, potholes, dead ends and “wrong” turns. 

Are you going to push through, muscling your way to a decades old finish line?

Or, are you going to pause, ask yourself questions and give yourself, and your vision, the opportunity to grow and evolve?

Living a life that you are not only excited about, but also allows you to feel at ease and calm, confident and completely authentically yourself only requires 5 simple Pivots:

  • Embracing the concept that life is a Draft
  • Embodying the idea that treating yourself with Compassionate Curiosity gets you farther than judgement any day
  • Allowing yourself to release your perfectionism and welcome the opportunity to Collaborate with people that are Aligned with your vision
  • Identifying and making choices based on your Core Values
  • Establishing tiny Habits that work with you rather than against you.


But most importantly, surround yourself with people who are going on the same journey that you are. People who have already figured out where the potholes and dead ends are. 

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and are rooting for you so that on the hardest days, you know you won’t be walking down a dark path alone.

Welcome to:

The Rules & Rebellion Village

A membership community that is designed to support you as you uncover and empower the truest version of yourself - unlocking your passions, speaking your truth, and realizing your dreams.


Every month we guide members through a focus area with our proven method to help you overcome challenges, release trauma induced habits and practice being who you were born to be.


Each month you get closer to your goals, feel more confident, and make decisions with greater ease.


We help you release the old narratives of hustling, pushing harder, and sacrificing more so that you can develop new, healthier relationships with money, time, creativity, health, personal/professional relationships, communication, boundaries, etc.


Members enjoy these monthly benefits:

  • (2) Live Community Coaching Calls + Q&A (Replay will be available to review at anytime)

  • (2) monthly 90 minute Co-Working Sessions 

  • Compassionate Accountability with R&R Village Pod

  • Our extensive searchable resource library...including Clubhouse recordings, workshops, lessons, podcasts, etc. all with a simple keyword search. (Think Netflix or Google for just our content)

  • Clear Direction and Focus with templates and other tools to make learning YOUR way easy

  • A Supportive Community Like No Other (Hosted off of Facebook) 



Recurring Monthly Payment

Monthly support and benefits:

  • 2 Coaching Calls with playbacks 
  • 2 Co-Working Sessions
  • Compassionate Accountability
  • R&R Resource Library
  • Monthly Focus with Supporting Tools
  • True Community



6 Month Plan

Monthly support and benefits:

  • Save $55
  • 2 Coaching Calls with playbacks 
  • 2 Co-Working Sessions
  • Compassionate Accountability
  • R&R Resource Library
  • Monthly Focus with Supporting Tools
  • True Community

Jenny J.

“Tasha has changed my whole way of thinking about perfectionism, and procrastination... I have become more patient, gentler and kinder with myself.  I have learned that my needs are valid and are important enough to be listened to. And to live by them! And that it is okay to live by my needs and core values, that in fact that is all that is important. “

“...Brandon also opened up my way of thinking in regards to being more free, more wild, more creative. And to explore! An idea that I have been carrying inside me ever since.”

Samantha A.

This group is a safe and judgement free zone. I have learned so much about myself by hearing other people share their own experiences and struggles. I’ve become more self-aware and less critical.

There is a group of women waiting for you to join them that know exactly what we know:

You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. 

This is the place you come to learn how to turn your passions and goals into something you live rather than something you dream about. 

This is where you come to practice setting yourself free, and release the rules and expectations that were forced upon you. 

This is where you come to stand with other women who are doing the exact same thing - fully embracing their individual gifts and passions, together, supporting one another and standing fully in their power.

Trade self-criticism for compassion and curiosity.

Exchange perfectionism and rigidity for practice, flexibility and grace.

Find ease, focus and energy where you used to be stuck and buried with overwhelm.

This is what you’ve been waiting for. This is what you’ve been craving.

This is your chance to stand up and at the top of your lungs shout:


We are so grateful for the community of truly INCREDIBLE women we have had the honor of meeting and working with.

Many of our community and course members have become real life friends and we'd be lying if we said that wasn't our favorite part.

If now is the time for you, if you are ready to be poured into and challenged in a way that inspires you to dig deeper, we are SO ready for you.

And our community will be bettered by your commitment to yourself.

We never want you to end up in the depths of Burnout that either of us encountered and promise to pour everything we learned from our journey into this space.

Gratitude out the wazoo for you,

Tasha & Brandon