The Rules & Rebellion Village is open for Enrollment!

Are you ready to be a part of a community that celebrates you for who you really are, not for who you are “supposed” to be?

Are you ready to learn how to make your dreams a reality with a proven method that honors the true complexity of your life (ADHD, conscious parenting, business ownership, chronic illness, healing from cPTSD, etc) all while being supported by other recovering perfectionists who are on the same journey?

Everyone has a dream, a big idea, a vision. If you want to make yours come to life you need a method rooted in YOUR values, that fits YOUR needs, built around how YOU work. NOT someone else's one-size-fits-all strategy or method that ignores your real life.


Welcome to the Rules & Rebellion Village 


A community of inspired, passionate undercover badasses dedicated to creating a life that is energizing and focused, a life that is free from overwhelm and burnout. A life that is filled with purpose, clarity, ease, and joy. The kind of life you deserve.



You're here because you are READY to make some changes: 

✔️Ready to explode out of the box that you've been stuck in. 

✔️Ready to stop asking: Is this really it?!

✔️Ready to put an end to the grind and finally start LIVING

✔️Ready to start living in your zone of genius instead of being buried under burnout and overwhelm

✔️Ready to start feeling like you know WHERE you are going, but also HOW to get there and feel CONFIDENT what you will

✔️Ready to start expressing yourself fully, without fear or guilt, without the shame or resistance

✔️You’ve been trying to make changes and reach your goals for years and every time you get started, your life gets hijacked and you’re ready to DO something about it

✔️The Village has been the launching pad for inspiring growth, self acceptance, self love and self exploration for our members and people just like you for the last 3 years. 


 Pivot instead of "Fix It"

The truth: 

The journey from where you are right now, to that joy-filed, productive, peaceful place of more ease you dream about, no matter what it’s filled with, will include detours, potholes and “wrong” turns.

The twist:

How you approach those detours, potholes and “wrong” turns

Are you going to keep pushing through, burning out again and again only to be disappointed and exhausted by the "finish line"?

Or, are you ready to give yourself, and your vision, the opportunity to grow and evolve as you heal and own your power?

Living a life that you are not only excited about, but also allows you to feel at ease and calm, confident and completely authentically yourself only requires 5 simple Pivots:

  • Trading out the intense inner critic and shaming inner voice for Compassionate Curiosity gets you farther faster any day
  • Shifting to only making decisions based on the non-negotiables you stand by and for aka your Core Values
  • Embracing the concept that life, and every thing you do, say and want is a Draft that can evolve and change without it meaning you have failed
  • Cultivating Habits that energize you and serve your vision instead of forcing yourself into arbitrary habits someone else said "= success"
  • Learning how to create and trust yourself again to Collaborate with people who are Aligned with your vision and propel your goals faster and easier


Most importantly, surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you AND understand the layers of complexities in your life. 

Where authentic self expression is CELEBRATED not judged.

Where your unique quirks and "too muchness" elsewhere is the exact right amount and endearing.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and are rooting for you so that on the hardest days, you know you won’t be walking down the dark path alone.


Here’s how we do it…

Every quarter we guide Village members through a focus area with our proven method to help you overcome challenges, release trauma induced habits and practice being who you were born to be.


Each month you get closer to your goals, feel more confident, and make decisions with greater ease because your neurospicy brain, your health particulars, parenting and/or caregiving duties and business tasks are part of the plan.


We help you release the old narratives of hustling, pushing harder, and sacrificing more so that you can develop healthier relationships with money, time, creativity, health, personal/professional relationships, communication, boundaries, etc.


This is what you've been waiting for...


Every month, Village members have access to (2) Live Q&A calls. Many bring questions they have as they apply the R&R concepts and strategy to their relationships and goals. Others rarely ask questions but attend because they gain so much from others'.

The replays are always available to members if they can't attend live because none of our members have predictable day-to-day lives.


All of the masterclasses and resources are created specifically for people recovering from people pleasing patterns, procrastination, overachieving and rigidity.

  • Exclusive to The Village educational modules and workbooks
  • Over 15 hours of perfectionist specific masterclasses including Boundaries AF, Badass Core Values, and more.
  • Quarterly theme so you don't have figure out where to focus


The Village online community is intentionally hosted on the Circle platform, far away from the noise, distraction, and the drama of Facebook. This is where you:

  • Ask questions and get answers from both Tasha & Brandon 
  • Share your Wins, aha moments and get inspired by others who are on the same journey
  • Access the schedule for upcoming Q&A calls and any other events

The Village is NOT 🙅‍♀️ 🙅‍♂️ for you if:

  • You frequently feel calm, energized and regulate your nervous system consistently
  • Are making decisions in your business and daily life easily, without hesitation or doubting yourself
  • You advocate for your needs and tell people NO easily and frequently
  • You ask for what you need confidently
  • You regularly wake up energized and excited for the day ahead
  • You rest, play and relax, guilt-free
  • You are proud of your accomplishments 
  • You are flexible and can easily adjust when things don't go as planned


👉🏻 In addition to all the community, the tools and resources, and the Q&A calls, Village members get first dibs on new offers and events AND can take advantage of Village Only Pricing for all Courses, Masterclasses, and Private Coaching. 



Here is what people are saying about The Village...

From Sandra E. Member since April 2022

My favorite parts of being in The Village: Tasha and Brandon GENTLY guide me to uncover the root of the problem and help me find an appropriate solution for the season that I am in.

AND The village members cheering me on and being my accountability partners throughout my journey. Everyone in the Village wants to see you succeed and thrive.

 I have also seen a change in family members, they are using some of the nervous system regulation techniques that I learned.

They also have a calmer mom and wife in their lives. I should also add that I have seen a big change in my work habits. I have created boundaries. I have more balance in my life. When that balance tips to work for an extended period of time, and I start to not only feel dysregulated and overwhelmed, I know that I can go to the Village (meetings, recordings or page) and get myself back on track to a happier and more fulfilled me.


Jenny J.

“Tasha has changed my whole way of thinking about perfectionism, and procrastination... I have become more patient, gentler and kinder with myself.  I have learned that my needs are valid and are important enough to be listened to. And to live by them! And that it is okay to live by my needs and core values, that in fact that is all that is important. “

“...Brandon also opened up my way of thinking in regards to being more free, more wild, more creative. And to explore! An idea that I have been carrying inside me ever since.”

Sam A.

“This group is a safe and judgement free zone. I have learned so much about myself by hearing other people share their own experiences and struggles. I’ve become more self-aware and less critical.”

Sylvia G

Tasha and Brandon coached and taught as a team. They use their lives and experience to add depth and flavor to the course. I gained personal insight and actionable steps to follow. Tasha and Brandon are both passionate about teaching and coaching. They give 110% with every module they teach. You know they care and want to help you grow and change. They are both the real deal. I enjoyed the course and both of their warm personalities. I highly recommend this community. Anyone in it will gain value.” 

--- Sylvia G.


If you’ve made it this far, it’s pretty safe to say that you are looking for something. A safe space to explore and grow, a place to learn how to heal your nervous system, a place to learn how to have a successful, fulfilling life that doesn't involve the cycle of burn out. A place to finally start feeling like yourself again…or for maybe even the first time. 

You, friend, are in the right spot.

The determining factor for someone who continues to struggle in survival mode, with fear, panic and constantly feeling like they are behind in life vs someone who thrives after Perfectionism and Burnout - is the level of experienced support they are willing to receive.

You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You need to be reminded of the badass you already are and shown how to build on the skills you already have to make your dreams a reality.

The Village is where you learn how to turn your passions and goals into something you live rather than something you dream about. 

This is where you come to practice setting yourself free, and release the rules and expectations that were forced upon you. 

This is where you come to stand with others who are managing complex lives with ADHD, hormonal fluctuations, taking care of kids and parents, chronic illness symptoms and running a business - fully embracing your individual gifts and passions, together, supporting one another and standing fully in their power.

Trade self-criticism for compassion and curiosity.

Exchange perfectionism and rigidity for practice, flexibility and grace.

Find ease, focus and energy where you used to be stuck and buried with overwhelm.

All with practical, realistic systems that you can actually use because they were designed FOR YOU.

The Village is where you set yourself free, to heal, to rebuild, to be seen, heard, and celebrated. The Village is the difference between decades of loneliness, frustration, and burning out and peace, calm, and self-discovery. 

We can't wait to see what you build and cheer you on every step of the way


Brandon & Tasha



The Village origin story:

11 years ago we were so deeply rooted in perfectionism and survival mode that we landed in burnout so hard we almost didn’t make it out. In all the ways. 

Our physical, mental and emotional health were in danger in a way they’d never been before. In order to survive we needed to make long-lasting sustainable changes in our lives and our relationships.

The first few years of this journey were some of the hardest years of our lives but we were committed to not abandoning ourselves ever again.  

Along the way we had to get honest 

 We started asking ourselves “is this really what I want?” 

 The answers that surfaced were surprising. But what was most surprising was that the more we healed, the more we expressed ourselves, and the more started doing things in a way that supported our needs - the lonelier it got.

We turned to "experts" -coaches, mentors, friends and family but they just didn’t understand that our life was not as easy as following the simple 1-2-3 steps. And that we weren’t willing to keep forcing ourselves, or our kids, to fit into societal structures that didn't serve any of us.

They didn't understand the complexity and unpredictability of multiple chronic illnesses (ME/CFS, POTs, EDs, MCAS, etc) or neurodivergent brains or the chronic nervous system dysregulation of our respective complex trauma.

We were struggling on every level and it seemed like the only advice we got was “decrease your stress and do it THIS way" or "just be optimistic, think positive".

I cannot find the words to describe the heartache, frustration, and grief we went through but I'm sure you can relate.

Even still, we knew that on the other side of the swamp there was a life that waiting for us that was pure fucking magic.

So we did what any good Neurodivergent-codependent-perfectionist-introverted couple would do. 

We stayed inside and hunkered down to figure it out for ourselves. 

AND we did it….it just took every ounce of energy we had and 6 fucking years to do it. But we did it.

As we released coping mechanisms, "bad" habits and relationships that were no longer aligned with where we wanted to be and what we wanted in our lives, we healed.

Through it all, we ended up developing systems and found philosophies that honored our lived experience and those who have traveled similar paths.

Community is one of the most crucial pillars of those philosophies and systems.

 Letting go of survival coping mechanisms, bad habits and relationships that were forged in trauma so that you can express your true self and live your most fulfilling life can be hard and sometimes scary work. And what we discovered, both in our personal experience and with clients, but also in neuroscience studies - you will only go so far in your healing journey and transformation solo.

AS you know, doing it alone is hard and often scary, it takes a really long time and makes you leaves you exhausted. And then you hit a wall. 

We created a community where overachievers and perfectionists could learn how to heal from burnout, create sustainable life changing choices and habits and begin to dream beyond surviving.

All without worrying about running out of money or time.

Thus, The Village was born. A lifetime membership community for perfectionist and high achievers to learn how to safely recover from burnout by reclaiming their life.