The Rules & Rebellion Village is open for Enrollment!

What if you didn’t have to push harder, have all of the answers, work even more hours or feel the pressure to always get it right?
What if you could finally “relax” without running through the list of things you "should" be doing?
What if you could feel satisfied, like what you did in a day was actually truly good enough for your work, and your family and YOURSELF?

The Village 

is a membership community designed for perfectionists close to or in burnout, who want to feel at peace with their choices, to find joy in everyday moments and appreciate the journey instead of constantly trying to prepare for catastrophes in the future. 


  • Waking up every day feeling a deep sense of inner peace and contentment, knowing that you're living life on your own terms and embracing your authentic self.  
  • Building a business that not only brings financial success but also aligns with your core values, allowing you to make a meaningful impact and experience a profound sense of fulfillment.  
  • Breaking free from the constant cycle of overworking and sacrificing your well-being, and instead, finding a healthy work-life balance that nurtures your physical and mental health.  
  • Having the confidence to set clear boundaries, prioritize self-care, and create a routine that allows you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones and pursue your passions outside of work.  
  • Achieving success that goes beyond external validation, where true happiness is found in the everyday moments, appreciating the journey, and knowing that you're making a difference in the world in your own authentic way.

Unfortunately that's not your reality…. yet.

Our members:

👉 want to stop chasing someone else’s definition of success and start living and doing business according to their terms.
👉 are tired of sacrificing their well-being and want to break free from the constant cycle of overworking and neglecting their health and passion projects.
👉 don’t want any one thing to consume their entire life and have more flexibility to enjoy the present moment, engage in hobbies and cultivate relationships to have a fulfilling life.
➡️ They have tried self-help books, articles and tiktok and IG to use the tips passed on from others who have been there.
➡️ They have attempted to rely solely on their will-power and self-discipline to make changes but it never seems to last past week or 10 days.
➡️ They have tried different approaches and strategies, seeing some success initially but ultimately resulting in frustration and feeling disappointed that they couldn’t keep up with them.
➡️ Many of our members also tried to double down on working harder, only to exacerbate the exhaustion, fatigue and overwhelm.


All of our members have, at one point, believed that they could get out of this cycle on their own, discovering isolation is feels even more lonely and limiting. 


Does this sound familiar?

You have been reading all the books, saved all the IG posts and listened to all the podcasts about boundaries but you don't feel like much, if anything, has changed.

You've tried to push through, get even more strict with your discipline but after about 10 or so days, you find yourself overwhelmed, stuck and procrastinating again.

Every time to try a new system or idea, you can't keep up with it and get overwhelmed when the system doesn’t work like they said. 

When you try to speak up for yourself, instead you freeze, and then beat yourself up about it for days. You've learned that these perfectionism patterns like people pleasing, procrastination, hyper-productivity - are really whats in the way of you achieving goals and being happy. You are EXHAUSTED, overwhelmed and burnt out but you don’t want to give up.


Or maybe you've geeked out on personal development and have even gone to therapy

...but the relief is short-lived and leaves you wondering what you are missing. You just want someone to tell you what to do to make all of this better and takes your specific Perfectionism challenges into consideration. And although you have had some success putting ideas into practice, you are avoiding setting goals or making any kind of meaningful commitment for fear of burning out, again. 

We get it. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Feeling confident and trusting yourself, your desires and achieving your dreams is totally possible for you. 

 And it can happen sooner than you think.…you have waited long enough.


That’s exactly why we created The Village…

Your Perfectionism Burnout recovery journey is going to have a lot of twists and turns. You are going to uncover many things about yourself and your life that you will need a safe place to process....  And it cannot be squeezed into a neatly organized and perfectly planned weekend.

When you join The Village, you have it for life.

All of it. The community, the Live Q&A calls, and the Masterclasses and resources.

Hi! We're Tasha & Brandon

We lead and teach a community of high achieving perfectionists how to trade out perfectionism patterns like chronic procrastination, people pleasing, and productivity-based self worth for sustainable coping mechanisms and a meaningful and fulfilling daily life.

Once we discovered our frustrations, exhaustion and overwhelm were the result of years of trying to DO the most while meeting everyone else's expectations, the burnout we were both in made a lot of sense. We had been in fight/flight aka survival mode.  We needed a strategy, it needed to be REALLY simple without the rigidity of “no days off” or forcing ourselves to “do it scared.” 

And since none of the coaches or mentors we hired, professionally or personally, even acknowledged that our life wasn’t cut and dry, we created the strategy ourselves.

And it works…on EVERYTHING.

 The strategy has a much bigger impact all around when you have a genuinely safe space to practice the principles and trouble shoot the unique nuances of your life. 

Having a place to practice and get feedback on what was working and what wasn't would have been so helpful. 

So we created that exact community.

One that teaches and supports recovering perfectionists for who they are instead of expecting you to be “on” for the comfort of others.

A community that celebrates living in alignment with your core values and your goals, not awarding trophies for how many days in a row you show up to things.

The Village is the place where, as one of our members puts it, “people just get it”. It’s where you come to learn, and grieve, and create, and grow. It’s the safe space you go to to figure your shit out and let your true desires and passions come to the surface without judgment, shame or regret.

We used to wonder if we would ever be around people who we could be our full selves with without having to put on a show. A community where people who wanted real life change, who actually gave a shit about enjoying the journey, not just the finish line of achieving their goals.

The Village is the place we always wanted, the one we weren’t willing to let anyone else go without.

 The Village is a lifetime access membership program that offers 3 specific things:


2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Actionable, Educational Content

Private Online Community 


We’ve all been part of a group project where nothing ever gets done, it’s super flowy and generic, and frankly, a waste of time. And we’ve also all been in programs that were WAY too rigid with no time to breath or process anything, leaving you feeling ‘behind’ the whole time, turning it into another thing you “failed”.

The generic and one-size-fits-all approach actually only works for the ones it was built for - that ain’t us. And it isn’t you either.

Because Perfectionism isn’t a cute humble brag...

your Perfectionism has been systematically chipping away at every part of your life, causing you to burn out, to lose relationships, to lose money, and you to lose time you’ll never get back.

And ALL of it is rooted in your nervous system that was wired with jacked up thoughts, long ago. 

You don’t need a "think positive" rah-rah session and you definitely don’t need a hustle-and-grind drill sergeant either. 

You need a strategy that you can return to over and over to peel back another layer of Perfectionism.

A step-by-step process to apply to anything you learn, that relieves the worry about making the “right” decisions and to trust your inner wisdom to guide you.

You need a community that fucking get’s it. Where there isn’t MORE obligation to show up and DO for others. One that is excited for you when you say “I can’t make it today” because you know what is best for you. One that is excited for you when you put that first boundary in place. A community that is supportive and holds space for when you are grieving the past, and when you are planning the future.

You need a safe space to be fully human.

You need trauma-informed tools and resources to navigate the hard stuff, to have a practical approach to daily life.

Pragmatic things like how to calm your anxiety so you can get through a rough morning while also building towards your goals in focus without abandoning your needs.

How to rest without guilt and still take care of your responsibilities.

And you need guidance from people who have been exactly where you are so that on every step of your journey you can pivot in real time instead of getting stuck or frozen in overwhelm. You need to be able to safely share your challenges and get support for your unique circumstances.

In other words…you need The Village 😃

(you also need to be able to relax, laugh and be ridiculous regularly…and we have a monthly zoom social for that 🥳💃)


The Village is NOT for you if:

  • You have no problem telling people no and asking for what you need
  • You already know how to regulate your nervous system and do it often
  • You are making decisions easily, without hesitation or doubting yourself
  • You regularly wake up energized and excited for the day ahead
  • You rest, play and relax, guilt-free
  • You are proud of your accomplishments 
  • You are flexible and can easily adjust when things don't go as planned

This is what you've been waiting for...


Every month, Village members have access to (2) Live Q&A calls. Many bring questions they have as they apply the R&R concepts and strategy to their relationships and goals. Others rarely ask questions but attend because they gain so much from others'.

The replays are always available to members if they can't attend live because none of our members have predictable day-to-day lives.


All of the masterclasses and resources are created specifically for people recovering from people pleasing patterns, procrastination, overachieving and rigidity.

  • Badass & Regulated© (exclusive to The Village) modules and workbooks - Safe with Money module is the highlight now 
  • Over 15 hours of perfectionist specific masterclasses including Boundaries AF, Badass Core Values, and more.
  • Monthly theme so you don't have figure out where to focus


The Village online community is intentionally hosted on the Circle platform, far away from the noise, distraction, and the drama of Facebook. This is where you:

  • Ask questions and get answers from both Tasha & Brandon 
  • Share your Wins, aha moments and get inspired by others who are on the same journey
  • Access the schedule for upcoming Q&A calls, Co-working sessions, and monthly socials


👉🏻 In addition to all the community, the tools and resources, and the Q&A calls, Village members get to take advantage of Village Only Pricing for all Courses, Masterclasses, and Private Coaching.  

👉🏻 PLUS every month there are (2) co-working sessions hosted on zoom for anyone that needs a little body-doubling to get those pesky projects taken care of or to take a little time to dive into Village content….some of our members use that time to organize their closet or just have a little predictable “me time”.  

👉🏻 AND 😮 We have a monthly social hosted on zoom where we all come and hang for an hour, many of us in pajamas, and just share, catch up and get to know one another better…we’ve been known to spend the entire time talking about traveling, food and Rihanna 🤣



Here is what people are saying about The Village...

If you’ve made it this far, it’s pretty safe to say that you are looking for something. A safe space to explore and grow, a place to learn how to heal your nervous system, a place to learn how to have a successful, fulfilling life that doesn't involve the cycle of burn out. A place to finally start feeling like yourself again…or for maybe even the first time. 

You, friend, are in the right spot.

The determining factor for someone who continues to struggle in survival mode, with fear, panic and constantly feeling like they are behind in life vs someone who thrives after Perfectionism and Burnout - is the level of experienced support they are willing to receive.

The Village is where you come to set yourself free, to heal, to rebuild, to be seen, heard, and celebrated. The Village is the difference between decades of loneliness, frustration, and exhaustion and peace, calm, and self-discovery. 

We love you.


Brandon & Tasha