What if you knew exactly how to get yourself to DO the things you know you should be doing without the overwhelming dread that you’ll fail “again?”

What if you could feel PROUD of yourself for making progress instead of berating yourself because you “could have done better?” 

What if day after day you were able to see your goals coming to life because you started trusting yourself again?

Finally write that book or DO that self-care the internet keeps shouting at you to do more of but with practices that truly soothe and restore your mind, body and soul. 

What if you could be productive AND rest without guilt? 

What if you could be consistent without doing everything perfectly?

What if you could run a VERY successful business without being at the mercy of your business and actually enjoy more of your LIFE?

Instead of just learning new things, aka hoarding information, you implemented the new things and stuck with the ones that worked for you. 

It is possible. It doesn’t have to be a constant struggle every day, and you DO NOT have to figure it out all on your own.

You can change it all starting now with our revolutionary course...

✨ Habit Magic ✨



☑️ Being completely confident that you can be productive, aka get shit done, withOUT burning out or overextending yourself

☑️ Know exactly how to eliminate or bypass the interruptions from normal life shit popping up so you can FINALLY be consistent and stop sacrificing your needs

☑️ Having a step by step process to create habits you can actually stick to even with a neurospicy brain, chronic illness, while gentle parenting, during each cycle phase, and all your other Unique Life Circumstances. 

☑️ Creating a daily life KNOWING you’re making progress instead of feeling guilty that you can never do enough

☑️ Trusting yourself to stick with each of your habits even when your motivation wanes, you have less energy or shit hits the fan in real life

☑️ Trusting that you can keep your habits going, even in the craziest seasons of life and business

☑️ Feeling excited and energized by your daily routine, even when it’s not perfectly executed

☑️ Finally feeling PROUD of yourself for the small steps because they actually worked in making progress, even while resting and playing more

Whether you are in desperate need of rest, recovery, and recharge after busting your ass for decades


you are PUMPED about your vision for yourself, your business, your art and overall impact...

You need a realistic but effective approach to creating the habits that will get you there -- NOT a lecture about ‘getting your shit together ’ using Bro logic.

Every other time you’ve heard anyone talk about “habits” and “goals” you’ve been sold some combination of “go big or go home”, “just push through”, “no days off” or “just do it scared” 

You’re tired of feeling like crap about the number of times you’ve tried to implement new habits and didn’t follow through. You’ve tried EVERYTHING you know how to do and you are worn out by the false starts.

And this has convinced you that you aren’t actually capable of much more than what you’re experiencing now. And although NOW isn’t bad, you do find yourself saying “is this…it?”

You have a lot of life you want to live, dreams unrealized and a real pull from within that there is still so much more in front of you. 

THAT is why we created....

Habit Magic is a revolutionary approach to discover how to have what you want without ignoring what you need to feel safe, confident and cared for in the process.

Habit Magic is about YOU.

YOUR plan. Your goals, your desires, your life, using habits created by you, to work in the life that you have. 

Bottom line, how you were taught to achieve your goals is wrong. 

It's time to end the shame, the exhaustion, the guilt, and broken promises to yourself that come from trying to squeeze your life into someone else’s “perfect plan”.

You don’t need to be “perfect” for your habits to work.

You don't have to hustle with *no days off* 🙄 for your habits to stick.

You don’t have to “start over” or "get back on track" every time you *miss* a day.

And you don't need to sacrifice your real life or put it on hold in order to build the habits for the life that you really want.


Let's take a look at what's inside Habit Magic


You've had your doubts about sticking to habits, but it's not your fault.

Discover the right habits for this season in life and business.

Release guilt and shame as you differentiate lifestyle from milestone habits. By the end, you will confidently rewrite your story and regain belief in yourself for your next round of habits.


Motivation is the least reliable factor for creating and sticking to habits despite what we've all been told. When you learn all 3 parts of making habits last, you’ll see how doable everything you want really is.

And you’ll know exactly how to trouble shoot when habits aren’t working so you stop losing time and start having FUN with the process. What?! Yep 😎


We’ll dig into the unique aspects of your daily life that used to make your habits hard to handle and transmute them into super powers. ADHD, caregiving, chronic illness, your cycle etc. will become the fast track to achieving your goals.

You will finally feel completely prepared to create the self care, creative, productivity, organizational and money-making habits you crave. No more self-doubt or “false” starts stealing your momentum.


In this module, you'll uncover how loved ones, your surroundings, and your nervous system affect your ability to commit to habits - especially those pointed toward self-care and creativity or self-expression.

Learn how to clearly identify your current interruptions and then how to communicate what you need with confidence and compassion. This lesson is a game-changer for us recovering people-pleasers.


Get out your party hats and confetti (noise makers if you like it loud)!

No more waiting for that finish line! Learn how to create milestone celebrations and recognize small wins without freaking out your nervous system.

After this module, you will feel unstoppable, building more and more self-love and real confidence day by day.


After this final session, you’ll know exactly how to take care of yourself, stay connected to your creativity, productivity and business goals even when life gets bananas.

You’ll learn the 3 things you need to be able to stick to your habits no matter what season or circus shows up while also allowing yourself to be fully human in the process.

You’ll finally feel in control again without trying to control all the things. And you'll actually pick up momentum in your habits instead of throwing in the towel.

Here is what you'll get after you purchase Habit Magic.


6 deep dive modules ($2,000 value)
 High quality workbook with detailed exercises for each topic ($700 value)
 PLUS the Soul Goals Masterclass (Value $97)















Hey there Friend! We are Tasha and Brandon!

We are Life and Business Coaches and we teach Perfectionists how to reclaim their life, and achieve their Soul Goals by creating habits that are specific to you - your life circumstances, your wants, and your needs - so you can get out of burnout and stay out. We help you build the bridge from where you are to where you want to go using your unique circumstances not despite them.

We have both had a very tumultuous relationship with Habits over the years. Tasha was operating in Hyper Productivity Perfectionism hard. Because she wasn’t able to crush her habits all day every day, she felt like she was failing her goals, her relationships and herself. With 2 kids and 2 businesses it felt like no matter what she tried, sticking to her “good habits” was impossible.

While Brandon skipped right to Procrastination and the only relationship he had with ‘habits’ was to deny his *bad habits* existed and avoid creating *good* ones because they were “boring busy work”.

Eventually, a life altering chronic illness, tens of thousands of dollars  in healthcare induced debt, severe panic attacks among other things, our habits were put under a microscope. We both, individually and as a couple, were forced to examine our habits: what they actually were, why they existed and get real honest about whether they were working.

 This deeper understanding of our habits, individually, as a family, and in business has had a monumental impact on every single thing we do.

Since we shifted our approach to goals and habits:

We've tripled our business success, deepened the connection in our marriage, created stronger trust and bond with our kids and have discovered new confidence to lean in even more to who we are individually.

Creating habits that get you new levels of success doesn't have to mean burnout and it definitely shouldn’t feel like a punishment.

The joy, confidence and calm we feel no matter what is going on is a direct result of all of the trial and error of the last 15 years. Those lessons are what created our powerful philosophy and innovative method that we teach in ✨ HABIT MAGIC ✨