Cutting through Codependency and the Crap that Comes With It

Codependency isn't just weak, timid, and passive. It's also perfectionism, overachieving and controlling characteristics. OOPS!

In this series we give you what we WISH we had known about how codependency impacted parenting, marriage, entrepreneurship and friendship so you can move through it faster.

What you'll get:

  • Definitions and Clarifications of codependency, boundaries, inTERdependence and independence, and more
  • Guided relationship audit to see where codependency is showing up in YOUR life now
  • What to do with these patterns and how to start conversations to a healthier daily life for you and everyone you love

By the end of this 5 video series, you will know exactly how to move out of codependency and into Boldly Becoming You

Yes, please!