Podcast Ep. 32: After Losing Her Sister Tragically, She Invented a Device to Support Mental Health

purpose trauma Sep 10, 2020

In this episode, I sit down with Ria Rustagi, an engineer turned entrepreneur who transformed the pain and heartache she experienced from the loss of her sister and best friend into a passion for understanding those who are suffering from trauma.

Please come listen as she walks me through the turning point moments in her life that lead her to create a device that can tell you when and how you are reacting to trauma by reading your mind!! Yep that’s right! And then it is able to suggest meditation techniques and music that will help you to retrain your brain to move through your trauma and bring you back to calm and secure.

Join me as I geek out on this journey of self discovery and the science of holistic mental health!

In this episode we discussed:

- Loss and grief

- The healing power of meditation

- Identifying trauma as real issue and not a “phase”

- Binaural beats and the frequency that works for you


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