Podcast Ep. 36: Her “Perfect” Life Wasn’t Fueled By Purpose So She Made A Shocking Change

Amanda and I talk about her journey from a “perfect” corporate CPA, wife and mom life to living on purpose and passion. As a coach, she helps people navigate their relationship with abundance and money as well as finding their vision.  Coaching by example, she continues to navigate life’s hiccups bringing a curious and open mind. I had so much fun geeking out with her about coaching and the never ending pursuit of living our fullest and boldest lives(detours included). 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Codependency & Boundaries (surprise surprise)
  • Money
  • Abundance
  • Personal growth

To dig a little deeper:

Get in touch with Amanda on her website at Flowintopeace.com and follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram.

If this episode lights you up in some way or inspires you to question something, I’d LOVE to hear about it! Take a screenshot of your...

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Podcast Ep 11: Boundaries, Codependency, and Interdependency in Partnership

Boundaries and codependency have a weird stigma in the world of social media meme culture and have been watered down, thus ineffectively used in the effort of supporting healthy and connected relationships of all kinds.

I see dozens of posts regularly in the "relationships" category on all platforms about using boundaries when you find yourself in a "toxic" relationship. We will cover how ridiculous the term "toxic relationships" is in another episode but today we are pulling back the veil on the terms boundaries, codependency and INTERdependence (not the same as independence). 

What they actually mean, the clarity on how to identify the tendencies (and not get distracted by the label)...and the truth about rewiring those habits that are inhibiting you from becoming the truest version of yourself.

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Podcast Ep 9: Communication and Conflict in Partnership

Communication is the vehicle to connection and it's essential to use effective communication in our partnership relationships. Knowing how to talk about what you need, what's bothering you and how to receive the same from your partner requires practice and an unlearning and reframing of rules you brought with you into your relationship. In this episode, I'll offer some questions to consider, share some of the challenges I have to work through in my partnership and the number 1 tip I got from a therapist that REALLY made it so much easier to have effective communication.

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Podcast Ep 7: Your Purpose and Your Partner

What do you do when you are speeding down the personal evolution highway and can’t get your partner to even look in the direction of where you are going?
We cover this challenge and potential solutions in this episode.

Boldly Becoming You Facebook Group

Jumpstart Kit

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Podcast Ep 5: The Rules We Bring To Our Partnership

Are there really only 2 people in your partnership? What do you expect from this long-term committed relationship? Partnerships are complex, multi-layered and can be an incredible part of your support system to become the boldest and truest you. But there are likely some factors you haven’t considered that could be delaying your deeper connection or cutting it off completely. Today’s conversation will offer some insight into where to start digging around so you can close those gaps.

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