Podcast Ep. 64: F*ck Greeting Cards and Other Things My Husband Says

Brandon has been a professional artist for 20 years, focusing mostly in theatre, design, and the event industry. During that time he has grown to fully embrace the strength and benefits that collaboration and the creative process afford everyone.

As a Creativity Coach, Brandon helps people identify their own unique version of creativity and how to better express it, and ultimately themselves. Whether it is navigating daily tasks like cooking and scheduling, designing your personal space, or making “art”, creativity is at the center of it all and tuning in and embracing it is one of the key elements to living a full, bold, meaningful life.     

In this episode we discussed:

  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Toxic Masculinity

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Podcast Ep. 58: Uncomfortable, Ugly, Beautiful

Gwen is a Certified Fashion Stylist specializing in Personal Brand Styling, she implements game changing methods, turning clients' wardrobes into assets and creating brand identities to resonate with their specific audience, giving women back their power by yielding others perception. But it was a journey of healing to get to this confident, embodied, strong woman who is allowing her creativity to guide her.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Perfectionism
  • Parenting
  • Creativity
  • Journaling

Gwen’s suggested book: The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love By: Sonya Renee Taylor

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Podcast Ep. 23: What is Intentional Parenting?

parenting Aug 11, 2020

Regardless of how you became a parent, how you show up is completely up to you; this includes the mom and dad, as well as the bonus mom and bonus dad. And the weight you feel to do it right is warranted because how we parent does determine how our kids feel about themselves and what they believe they can do or achieve, at least initially. This sometimes translates into the desire to perfect our parenting approach, be the perfect mom or dad in every moment of our children’s lives but I want to propose a different option:  Intentional parenting. 

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Podcast Ep. 21: 3 Parenting Rules That Are Jacking Up Our Kids

parenting Aug 11, 2020

As we continue our journey to uncover our truest selves by peeling back the layers of rules, expectations and obligations we unknowingly agreed to, we will be digging into each of the relationships we have a role in. Today, I share the 3 rules that I struggled with and then released to make room for my efforts to be an intentional mama. No matter how or what your specific parenting role is, today's episode will deepen your relationship with your kid(s) while also empower them to be their truest, boldest selves.

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Boldly Becoming You is a podcast now!

Aaaaahhhh! I'm so nervous and excited and fighting the urge to tell everyone that I am very aware of my amateur, just getting started, beginner's status.

Isn't it funny we do that? When I am doing something new and there is an audience of any kind, whether it's my husband or kids or the social media audience, I find myself nonchalantly apologizing for not being an expert. It's that old perfectionism stuff that comes up - the "I am only valuable and loved when I am doing things perfectly." 

So I'm resisting this to some degree, at least to the level I would have. The 5 years ago me, hell, the 8 months ago me, would have overexplained the recording quality, the graphics, the sound of my voice and probably a dozen other things I shouldn't be embarrassed about because I freaking took on a new, big, kinda scary thing. I'm not a pro...yet.

I wasn't an expert 20 years ago on relationships, on self-awareness, on human behavior...on myself. But I kept showing up and pushed forward...

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