Podcast Ep. 62: Life Lessons at 11

health purpose self Dec 24, 2020

Ainsley Skillin is an aspiring 11 year old who is an artist, baker, maker of paper maché, and lover of good stories.  For the past few years she has had to learn how to navigate the challenges and frustrations that come with having chronic illnesses and how they impact daily life, learning, and friendships. 

She has learned to manage her feelings, her health and curiosity through art, patience, and acceptance...and sometimes beating the crap out of a pillow, and we couldn’t be more proud.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Patience
  • Meditation
  • Health
  • Unschooling
  • Chronic illness


Ainsley’s recommended reading list:

  • The Land of stories series by Chris Colfer
  • The Magic Misfits series by Neil Patrick Harris
  • The School for Good and Evil series by Soman Chainani

The first Vision Board Actualized Workshop is in January 2021. Enrollment will be opening within a couple days so go here to be the first to know when it opens!

And until then, snag...

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Podcast Ep. 24: Moved from the UK to an Island off of Africa

health purpose Aug 13, 2020

Jackie Lee found herself losing faith after being diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) in 1992 when she was told she'd be in a wheelchair and prescribed painkillers to numb her experience. She battled guilt and poured her energy into her mindset shifts and now lives in Lanzarote, which is on a Spanish island off the coast of Africa with the life, and man, she dreamed up for herself. In addition to being a well known wedding celebrant on the island, she is the fairy godmother to women age 45+ helping them to reconnect with themselves, to feel supported and safe whilst creating their best life and having fun.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram, and on her website.

** in this episode we discuss the ability to manifest what you desire and the life you are meant to live. Although this is true for many, this concept has not always been easily executed by those who exist in marginalized communities who are systemically oppressed or discriminated...

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Podcast Ep. 20: Musician to Doctor Treating Rare Disease and Making Breakthroughs in How We Respond to Illness

health Jul 31, 2020

She was a musician and studied music through college when she injured her hand changing the trajectory of her career. Dr. Jessica Pizano shares her story of musician to Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, nutritional genomic counseling, and treating rare diseases such as mast cell activation disorders and connective tissue disease. I'm thrilled to introduce you to the expert who finally cracked the code for my mystery symptoms and led me out of the ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) 4+ year haze and continues to support my whole family in our health journey.

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Podcast Ep. 19: The Science of Sleep

health Jul 27, 2020

We wear lack of sleep as a badge of honor and proof that we are working harder than our peers to achieve more and reach epic levels of success. This is especially true in the world of entrepreneurship but also in parenthood and other areas of adulting.

We have heard news reports, read articles and listened to the gurus talk about how important sleep is but why?

What actually happens when you sleep that is so important? If I can run on 4-6 hours of sleep with a little (or a lot) of help from caffeine, what's the big deal?

In this episode, I give you the skinny on what's happening in your body now while you trade sleep for "productivity" and the sneaky truth of long-term sleep deprivation. 

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Podcast Ep 18: From Rare Cancer Diagnosis and Deep Loss to Hypnotherapist for Cancer Patients

health Jul 23, 2020

Mikaila Henderson was on the fast track to a purposeful life in her mid-20s when her dad became ill and died within 4 months of diagnosis. Her spiritual journey took a detour as she went into denial of losing him. 6+ years later, she was celebrating her first wedding anniversary, in her doctorate program for forensic psychology and she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. But that wasn't the traumatic part for her.

After having a traumatic first round of chemotherapy, she found her way to hypnotherapy as a way to heal the pain. Now she offers this life-saving support to cancer patients and beyond.

Mikaila Henderson Facebook

Hypnotherapists Directory 

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Podcast Ep 17: Science of Stress during Change and Transition

emotions health Jul 20, 2020

It's not a mystery why so many of us are experiencing extreme stress over the last few months. While we try to keep our heads above water with remote work, remote learning for our kids and the herding of all the cats in our lives, our bodies are working overtime to make every day happen.

Prolonged stress - chronic stress - has major health implications. We hear this all the time, right? But what does that mean? What's going on in your body every time you have to make a new decision? Every time life throws another curveball? Why does it feel like I'm running from a bear on some days?

In this episode, we dig into what is going on in your body while you are answering a million and one questions every day AND the 3 simple things you can do to protect yourself, and your family.

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Podcast Ep 16 - Part 2: Dr. Gwen Williams - Health Disparities, Moving Out of Bias and Into Compassion

emotions health Jul 16, 2020

In Part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Gwen Williams, a hospitalist, who has experienced racial bias as a medical student and a practicing physician, we unpack some of the most alarming statistics on infant mortality rate and cancer death rates that are more than twice likely to affect the black and brown communities. We discuss the complexities of these statistics and Dr. Williams gives us insight on how to move to an equitable healthcare system for all people.

You can follow along on her journey here:

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Podcast Ep. 15: Why Supplements Don't Work....and I take 15+ several times a day

health Jul 13, 2020

Often we try a supplement because we hear it will help us...sleep, lose weight, have more energy, get fewer headaches, etc. And we try it and ...no relief. 

In this episode, I will tell you WHY your efforts with supplements haven't worked and I geek out on THE most important mineral we have in our bodies that is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions. I was drastically deficient in this one (spoiler - you are too).

Don't forget to grab your FREE My Body Health Guide to shift out of following the rules and get into your body in a way that feels good AND is effective.

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Podcast Ep 14: She Navigated Racism Through Medical School and as a Practicing Doctor Part 1

emotions health Jul 09, 2020

Dr. Gwen Williams knew at 4 years old she would be a doctor. She was raised by first-generation immigrant parents who empowered her confidence by living the example of making the world a better place, to be kind, to have compassion and self-aware.

Having grown up in NYC, she was used to all flavors of diversity and was exposed to the historic truths of race in America by intentional community leaders. During medical school she was corrected by fellow non-white students to "behave" and she began to see a different side of the world she didn't anticipate. 

Her story is compelling, her optimism is contagious and her perspective is invaluable which is why this conversation has been split into Part 1 and Part 2.  Enjoy Part 1 today.

Follow her journey:

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Podcast Ep 13: The Human Body and Your Health

health Jul 08, 2020

What if we stopped addressing our health concerns about weight, strength, stress and sleep from the outside and actually got to the root of the problem...for free?

What if we stopped trying to FIX our bodies and instead understood how to support their function?

What if we shifted our relationship with the human body from aesthetic opinion to how our bodies can give us more energy and presence to fulfill our purpose? 

This month we are flipping health as we have known it on its head and finding the way to TRUE health and the alignment that fuels the meaningful impact we are meant to have.

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