Podcast Ep. 34: A Scientist From Serbia Heals Her Grief Through Creating Music

emotions grief purpose Sep 18, 2020

Moving to the US from Serbia in 2001, Nataša Vušković began pursuing a career in health science and started a family. It wasn’t until years later that she began to confront the questions and the feelings she had internalized that ultimately led her to return to her true passion and calling: creating music. 

It's been my pleasure to collaborate with Nataša since she became a client more than 4 years ago. I’m positive it will be yours also, to travel this road with her as she explores herself, the rules she was handed growing up and answers the question “Do I have another story to tell?”

In this episode we discussed:

- Creativity

- Finding your purpose

- Giving yourself permission to fail and follow your dreams

- Challenging the rules we are handed as kids

Follow Nataša on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify. You can listen to her music on all music players.

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