10 Days of Practices

If you want to feel less anxious and more in control of your life, AND support your effort to be more flexible as life happens, Regulated AF is the breath of fresh air you're nervous system is craving. You'll learn EASY and NEW ways to support your mind, body and connecting the two to make it easier for you to:

  • Think more clearly and make confident decisions 

  • Understand and Honor your body’s needs 

  • Lower the impact of stress now and later 

Grab this popular offer and watch how much smoother your days go!


Badass Core Values

You already have strong beliefs and conviction in things in your life AND you have a list running of what “should” be important to you so the Core Values Deep Dive is about figuring out which ones are truly yours currently.

Knowing what your Core Values are gives you power and confidence to make decisions in daily life and where to use your energy and attention.


Badass Draft Mode

Ditch the anxiety and waiting until the last minute "I do my best work under pressure approach" with a strategy that allows you to be fully human and still have high standards while achieving your goals.

Draft Mode is a proven strategy that helps you finally take action and make progress on any goal or objective no matter who you are or how stuck you’ve felt. Draft Mode is THE antidote to Avoidance Procrastination and you'll have this super skill for the rest of your life.


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