Beat Burnout 5 Minutes at a Time

5 minutes is really all you need! In this powerful mini course you will learn the simple techniques you can implement almost anywhere at any time to help you not only recover from, but also avoid the long lasting impact that stress, overwhelm and ultimately Burnout takes on your mind, body, and spirit. Grab this course and start feeling like YOU all over again, 5 minutes at a time(less time than it takes to eat a bowl of cereal.)


Badass Draft Mode

Ditch the anxiety and waiting until the last minute "I do my best work under pressure approach" with a strategy that allows you to be fully human and still have high standards while achieving your goals.

Draft Mode is a proven strategy that helps you finally take action and make progress on any goal or objective no matter who you are or how stuck you’ve felt. Draft Mode is THE antidote to Avoidance Procrastination and you'll have this super skill for the rest of your life.


Boundaries AF

Start saying YES to your goals, your healing, and yourself by FINALLY putting boundaries in place that actually work. Our trauma-informed 7-step framework makes the hard part - holding the boundaries once you’ve set them - practical and realistic for every Perfectionist.



Habits While Being Fully Human

In this 60-ish minute mini-course you will to learn the proven method that actually works for YOUR “how the hell am I going to get all of this done” life. You’ll finally be able to create the habits you need to achieve your goals all while stumbling, fumbling and tripping like a normal person but without all of the anxiety, pressure, guilt of not being a superhuman.


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