Join us November 14th - 19th


Join us, Tasha and Brandon, for a one-of-a-kind community experience.

Come see what it’s like inside our private community, The Rules & Rebellion Village

Join us LIVE with...

The Village Experience

  • Discover the key pivots that will take you from overwhelmed and burnt out to excited, at ease and confident from us in Village training sessions
  • Learn from Village members what is possible through their personal growth and transformations
  • Receive answers to your individual questions about specific challenges answered during a special Q&A session

We have packed 3 weeks of clarity and strategy sessions in this special Village Event just for you and it begins in…









The Rules & Rebellion Village is a community of wonderfully diverse women who are showing up to take ownership of their purpose and be authentically, unapologetically themselves.

If you are trying to decide if this community is right for you there is no better way to do it than 

The Village Experience

Finding your North Star

This is where we help you gain the clarity and peace of mind to answer the questions:

  • “Where am I going?”
  • “What do I truly want”
  • “What is important to me”

We use this to be able to start building the foundation that you will fall back on time and time again anytime you feel like you are getting lost or off-track. But also to give you a place of emotional safety and security when things get challenging.

5 Pivots that will change EVERYTHING

Discover the 5 pivots you can apply to every area of life and eliminate feeling overwhelmed and out of control. 

Build the road map to your Vision

Identify the precise habits and skills you need to apply so that you can start creating a life that supports all of your dreams and goals.

Create a strategy that is Aligned with the life you want starting from exactly where you are.

Free-for-all Q&A call!! (AKA ask us anything)

By the end of the week you will undoubtedly see the world, and your life, in a whole new light! 

This is the place for you to ask us about anything that comes up for you during the week, share your wins and be inspired by the other members of the Village and The Experience.

Rules & Rebellion is the collaborative effort of Tasha and Brandon - Entrepreneurs, Introverts, Coaches, Parents, and Partners in everything for the past 15 years.

We specialize in helping women who are overwhelmed and burnt out unlearn, unpack, and release all of the rules and expectations that they have been buried under for years. 

We are not here to "fix" anyone - You Are Not Broken.

We are here to help you show up authentically, unapologetically, build real relationships, and learn how to create a life that is uniquely yours that actually matters to you so that you can live a life that you are proud of and fulfills your needs.

Our main focus is our AMAZING membership community, The Rules & Rebellion Village.

A membership community that is designed to support you as you uncover and empower the truest version of yourself - unlocking your passions, speaking your truth, and realizing your dreams.

Don't worry if you can't make the Live events! After Coaching Week is over, we will send you an email to access all the videos for a year!

Don't miss out on your chance to take your life back and uncover the truest you there is.

I want to join the $10 Village Experience Week!

Don't take our word for it. This is why our Members joined after the last Village Experience:


  • "I am ready to move forward in my life and think support from this community can help with that" 
  • "FINALLY a vibe tribe I can relate to and one that is for real in what it takes."
  • "Compassionate accountability, grace and encouragement, seemingly unshakable bond formed with new friends, growth." 
  • "I am looking for community of people that get it." 
  • "The way both Tasha and Brandon speak to very different parts of my soul in ways I didn't know I needed. I love the interplay, the authenticity, and the mentorship." 
  • "I love that there are no hard rules/deadlines. There is a focus on each of us finding our own unique way to be in this world." 
  • "I like both of your authenticity and coaching. I can also relate to both of you in so many ways." 
  • "Loved Tasha and Brandon’s vibe. Believe, you all would be the best people, along with the community to learn and grow with."