Perfectionism & Burnout 🚫 Don't Have to be Your Life Story

đź“Ł You aren't broken.

When you stop trying to fix yourself, you create room in your life to honor your REAL Life needs like your neurospicy brain, your chronic illness, hormones, conscious parenting efforts, creativity, etc. 

Then you have the energy and time to build the calm, productive, peaceful life you have been busting your ass for.


Release the shame, guilt and overwhelm of being "good" and doing enough of the "right" things so you can enjoy your life and finally feel fulfilled.

Immediate access to our Signature Masterclass plus a ton of bonuses.

What you get... 

💜🖤 Our Full Signature Workshop

The full footage of our live, signature Rules & Rebellion Workshop: Regulate To Elevate.


We have sifted through years of content, classes, workshops and recordings to curate the best-of-the-best for you so you can start applying the Rules & Rebellion approach to your daily life.

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Rules & Rebellion Starter Kit. The philosophies and teachings in this kit have helped 1000s of high achievers and perfectionists finally let go of the constant effort to FIX their broken pieces and instead start enjoying their life while being even more productive without burning out.

We hope you’ll enjoy it.

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