Boldly Becoming You Workshop June 22 & 23 2024

In this 2 part virtual event, you will learn how to set goals that stretch you without sending you into fight/flight/freeze mode and instead support your nervous system and overall well-being in every step of achieving more of your goals than you have ever before.

By the end of the weekend, you’ll have the tools and the step-by-step process to create a lifetime of growth, evolution, adventure and even healing.

(which includes an interactive workbook, trauma-informed approach to goal-setting so you can create safety in every step of your journey, and so much more). 

Here’s what you’ll get JUNE 8 & 9:

  • 2 sessions of high touch, high level training ($1500+ value)
  • Q&A sessions following each session ($500)
  • A workbook designed to customize the workshop contents ($100)

Total value: $2100+ but really, the shift in your life is priceless

What People Are Saying:

The clarity and manifestation teaching coupled with the implementation of creating a vision board made this workshop unique and a cut above other vision board workshops. For the first time, I feel great about creating my vision board and see all my dreams coming true. I highly recommend this workshop.

Sylvia G

I never knew that creating a Vision Board could be so introspective and so personal!

Adriann M

I loved the discussion around rules and determining what new rules we need to establish in order to get where we need to be.

Samantha L

The step-by-step process was life-changing for me!

Jan F

So different! Other vision board experiences felt like a crafting experience, instead of a visioning experience. The board just fell flat! With Tasha's approach, she brought depth and richness to creating Vision Boards, which made them come alive for me! I feel a connection to my boards... an energetic vibration to them, which is very exciting for me! Tasha has a very unique spin on Vision Boarding, which had me thinking more deeply and authentically about what I want on my boards and how I want to use them. The idea that they are ever evolving makes total sense to me, and is 1 of many tips I had no clue about prior to Tasha's teaching. I am incredibly busy, but this workshop was completely worth my time. I plan to be back for more!

Barb O.

This workshop was one big "Aha moment" after another for me. I left it feeling more excited than I did when we started.

Nicole S

$97.00 USD

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