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Monthly support and benefits:

  • 2 Coaching Calls with playbacks 
  • R&R resource library that includes over 15 hours of trauma-informed educational content and 40+ hours of Q&A replays **Including the Summer Masterclass Series
  • A Community that gets it

What People Are Saying:

I love that there are no hard rules/deadlines. There is a focus on each of us finding our own unique way to be in this world.

Mikaila H

Cheaper and more effective than therapy. The big brother and sister I've always needed. Saving my life from so much future pain.

R. F.

My favorite part is the calls and the people. It’s a good space to get support and come work on issues they need to.


Draft mode and compassionate curiosity have been two game-changers for me as far as my perfectionism and self-criticism. I think about how I used to fixate on a task like making the weekly newsletter for hours, making the most minute edits, saving multiple (6-8) different increasingly "perfect" drafts because I never just let the "good enough" first draft stand. It was an exhausting way to be. I used to fixate on every worksheet I made, every project I made, not wanting to make any errors. I chalked it up to professionalism but it was unnecessary. It's okay for students and coworkers to see that I am human. We all make mistakes. It's fine. It has helped me be more compassionate with myself and with others -and- has let me help others be more compassionate with themselves.

Becca M.

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1. Rules & Rebellion is a queer owned business and we believe: Black, LGBTQIA+, Indigenous and AAPI Lives Matter. Please continue only if this is congruent with your values.

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