Podcast Ep. 30: Chinchilla-size Rats, Narcissism, and Turning Junk into Treasure

purpose Sep 03, 2020

In this episode, I sit down with Keely Stawicki, a badass entrepreneur whose passion for turning "junk into treasure" led her down the path of entrepreneurship at an early age. From horses to vintage clothing, and soon launching her online business where she helps small business owners to become empowered in their businesses through Facebook advertising and digital marketing systems.

Although her professional successes are impressive, I think what you will find to be the most remarkable is her willingness to not give in or give up on herself as she navigated her way through narcissistic relationships and codependency to be able to find the boldest version of herself.
Stay in touch with Keely on Instagram and Facebook and check out her new business at https://www.rebelfunnels.com
In this episode we discussed:
why you should think twice before homesteading (rats the size of Chinchillas!)
- Codependency
- identifying and overcoming narcissistic relationships
- anxious attachment styles
- the power of recognizing and acknowledging what is holding you back
To dig a little deeper check out:
Boldly Becoming You FB group where we talk about real shit in a real way 

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